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The 27th Day Wikipedia.
External links edit. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The 27th Day. The 27th Day at IMDb. The 27th Day at the TCM Movie Database. The 27th Day at AllMovie. The 27th Day at the American Film Institute Catalog. Films directed by William Asher.
27th St Improvement, A St to N St, Lincoln: Environmental Impact Statement Google Boeken.
27th Infantry Division United States Wikipedia.
Combat service support: 27th Military Police Company, 727th Ordnance Company, 27th Quartermaster Company, 134th Medical Battalion, 27th Replacement Company. In February 1955 the 27th Division became the 27th Armored Division, retaining many of its former units. The division was reorganized in 1968 as the 27th Armored Brigade, a unit of the 50th Armored Division.
27th Infantry Regiment United States Wikipedia.
The commander of the 27th Infantry Regiment offered David Hackworth command of a new volunteer raider unit; Hackworth created the 27th Wolfhound Raiders and led them from August to November 1951. The 27th earned ten campaign streamers and three Presidential Unit Citations.
27th St Improvement, Potter St to Arbor Road, Lincoln: Environmental Impact Google Boeken.
Months and Years having Sunday the 27th.
Fun Fact Articles. My World Clock. Home Calendar Weekday and date combinations. When is zondag the 27th? How often does the 27th day of a month fall on a zondag. zondag the 27th occurrences. Year Date Month Since last Comment.
27th United States Congress Wikipedia.
3rd: December 5, 1842 March 3, 1843 lame duck. The 27th United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

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